Janelle W. Robbins

Janelle is an International all rounder dog judge. Living both in the United Kingdom and Australia she judges around the globe. Her main breed is German Boxer.
Janelle became involved in dogs through her parents kennel of Boxers in the 1960's. Her grandfather bred hounds, her uncle Kevin Walshaw is world renown Field Trial Judge, and Gundog owner, predominately German short-haired Pointer making the first GSP awarded in the Australian KC Hall of Fame. Janelle's aunt showed various German Shepherds from 1970's on.
During the 1970's Janelle was a successful Junior Handler across many breeds including Great Danes, Dobermans, Bulldogs, GSP, GSD and Boxer of course!
In the late 1970's Janelle founded the Junior Kennel Club in Sydney, Australia. She was the first President and held that position for several years. In the 1980's she lobbied the Australian National Kennel Council to start a nationwide Junior Handler Competition, and was responsible for creating the first rules and regulations of the PAL Junior Handler Competition as it was then known. The competition still exists today and the winner of such represents Australia and competes at Crufts for World International Junior Handler title.

Janelle's last home bred dog was Ch Tobana Target Tim. A champion before he was 12 months old and 2013 Australia's Number 1 Rising Star Boxer. In 2014 Janelle and her family moved to Cambridge in the UK for her son's education. Whilst she does not not show her dogs in the UK, she is involved in the UK dog scene as a committee member of several clubs and actively stewards at championship and open shows. These days much of her time is spent judging in Europe or further afield judging dogs.
To date Janelle has judged in excess of 22,000 dogs in some wonderful countries such as Spain, Croatia, India, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Lithuania, Greece, Northern Ireland and the Rep of Ireland. In 2018 she will be judging in the UK and USA.


Jose Homem De Mello

José Homem de Mello, was born in Lisbon on the 24th of May 1953, is married and lives in Carnaxide, a small village near Lisbon. His parents have always bred dogs, so he was born and had always lived with them. He and his wife Teresa always loved dogs, and breed Basset Hounds since 1984 with the "dos Sete Moinhos" affix at their house in Carnaxide where José lives since he was born.

José's Basset Hounds are based on European and American lines as he imported several dogs from the United States in the 80th During these 25 years the Bassets bred by him won the following tittles: -33 Portuguese Champions, 17 Spanish Ch., 2 French Ch., 1 Italian Ch., 2 Finish Ch., 1 Danish Ch., 9 Gibraltar Ch., 4 Luxemburg Ch., 2 Swedish Ch., 1 English Ch., 1 Puerto Rico Ch., 1 Mexican Ch., 5 Brazilian Ch., 1 Indian Ch., 6 International Ch., 2 Mediterranean Winner, 4 European Winners, and 9 World Winners. -98 Best in Shows, 58 Reserve BIS and 317 Best of FCI Group 6, obtained in Portugal and other countries.

Four of José's most prestigious prizes were the Best In Show at the 1995 World Show held in Brussels, with "Ch. Humphrey dos Sete Moinhos", the Collare D'Oro 2001 in Milan and Best In Show at the 2003 Helsinki Winner Show with "Ch. Come and Get Me dos Sete Moinhos" that was also, Top Dog of the Year All Breeds 2003 in Denmark. At the moment he owns 18 Bassets and they all live at home, at the ground floor, so they can socialize which, on his opinion, is very important for them. José is fluent in Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish.


Leyda Lucia Perez Bonilla

Prominent breeder of Yorkshire Terriers, which have won more than 50 Best in Shows and over 140 championship titles around the world. A founding partner of the Corporation Valley Kennel Club, where for 21 years she has served as Director of Foster, a founding member and Board member of the Colombian Association of Terriers, a member and past member of the Board of Directors ACCC (Colombia) and a member of the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America.

She has judged in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, the Eukanuba Cup in Mexico in 2005 and SICALAM06 in Guatemala. Leyda Lucia holds a BA in Anthropology and Master in Economics from the University of Los Andes.

She was Executive Director of the Colombian American Chamber of Cali, Colombia, currently serves as Executive Director of the Corporation Kennel Club del Valle where she also is responsible for the publication of dogs, the news magazine said club.


Andrew Beare (Ireland)

In those 40 years, my main breed has been Afghan Hounds, although we have also showed; Chinese Cresteds, Salukis, Pomeranians & Kerry Blues.

My kennel name; NILBUD (Dublin in reverse) we titled 11 Champions, of which 9 were home bred.

We have a keen interest in all canine matters and ran training classes for almost 20 years, served on several committees, Breed Clubs & All Breed Championship Shows. We have organized Seminars & Judging Exams, served on the Irish Kennel Club Council for several years.

Andrew is approved by Irish Kennel Club as International All Round Judge. Have judged in many Countries in Europe, England, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Finland, Russia, Estonia. Have also judged in Australia and India.

Looking forward to my first visit to Canada and some excellent dogs.