4 All-Breed Championship Shows

Agridome, Truro, Nova Scotia

August 4 & 5, 2018


COTON DE TULEAR CLUB OF CANADA National Specialty - Judge: Patricia Cruz

CANE CORSO CLUB OF CANADA National Specialty - Judge: Danilo Giorgio



Patricia Cruz, Mexico
Colm Hastings, Ireland
Anthony Kelly, Ireland
Vincent O’Brien, Ireland

Danilo Giorgio, Italy - Cane Corso Specialty ONLY

Patricia M. Cruz of Mexico has been part of the dog world for more than 40 years and currently serves as delegate for the Heart of the Plains Kennel Club.  She is currently serving her second, elected term as a member of the American Kennel Club’s Board of Directors.

She is a former AKC Field Representative and a long time  member of the Afghan Hound Club of America.

She is also an internationally-experienced judge for over 40 years as well as one of the founders of the Owner Handler Association.

While working for AKC, Patricia was encouraged by then-president William Stifel to obtain an international license from the Federacion Canofila Mexicana. This was to give credence to judges' evaluations - being approved to judge by two recognized kennel clubs. This began in 1980 and she has judged all-breed international shows since then, including the World Show in Mexico in 2007 and shows in Cuba, India, Sweden, Canada, most of South and Central America, Puerto Rico, Nova Scotia, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

Professionally, Patricia is a journalist and Board member of Dog Writers Association of America and in 2016 was elected to their Hall of Fame.

She is the former president of a civilian employee union in one of the largest police departments on the east coast and secretary of a county-wide union representing over 10,000 employees. She also served as sales manager and marketing consultant for radio stations in the number one market in U.S.


Colm Hastings of Cork, Ireland has been showing and breeding OES since the late seventies. Together with his wife Rose. Prefix: Raggletaggle . We have made up several champions in Ireland , England and the USA. We have had the top winning Old English Sheepdogs in the US in 2013 , indeed we had the first AM Grand Silver Champion in bitches in the breed.

"I still show and love the game. This I feel is very important when you step into the ring to judge because you know the hopes and expectations of the exhibitors."
An FCI all rounder and judged all over the world meeting so many fantastic people and dogs on the journey .

Colm has been involved in every aspect of running dog show in Ireland , and has held positions from car park attendant to president , and everything in between !! To Colm, dog showing is a way of life.


Anthony Kelly of Ireland's late father started the prefix 'Lochcuan' over 30 years ago & their first breed was West Highland White Terriers.

His father showed, bred & made up several Champions & after his passing away both his mother & Anthony continued with the same success. Anthony later took a keen interest in their second breed Shetland Sheepdogs, which he bred and showed, also making up several Champions.

His judging career started 26 years ago & he is about to become an All Rounder later this year. He has judged in the U.K., most of Europe & South Africa, and is very involved with his local club Limerick & District Canine Club which is part of the 'Munster Circuit' & the premier dog show in Ireland. Anthony has held several positions in the club over the last 26 years & is currently Vice-Chairperson.

He is a member of The Irish Kennel Club Council & also a member of the Disciplinary Committee. He was a regional correspondent for the U.K. canine paper 'Our Dogs' for a number of years.


Vincent O’Brien of Dublin, Ireland began his career in dogs in 1970 with a pair of imported Doberman Pinschers, eventually putting an Irish Champion title on the female. He established his Vincenza Kennels in1972 and has since become one of his country’s leading figures in the Doberman breed. He bred 1995’s number-one Doberman in Ireland, also the first English Champion and top-winning CICB winner in Ireland.

In 1990 he became founder president of the Standard Schnauzer Club of Ireland. In 1991 he became the first person to make up the first Irish Standard Schnauzer Champion. Over the years Vincent has been involved in many breed clubs, Championship shows and also being a member of the Irish Kennel Club top Irish show.

Mr. O’Brien is an all-rounder judge. Career highlights include judging at the European Show held in Dublin by the Irish Kennel Club. He has judged in over 25 countries, at all levels, for the past 32 years.

Mr. O’Brien is vice chairman of Hibernian Championship Show, a founding member of the Standard Schnauzer and Dobermann clubs of Ireland, and is a member of the Irish Kennel Club’s special events committee.

He says his greatest accomplishment in the sport is the acquisition of knowledge which he can "pass on to my student judges and help them with their future regarding judging."

Mr. O’Brien is a member of a small syndicate that is having success owning, breeding, and racing horses.


Danilo Giorgio of Italy.  Born in Rome, I have been living and working in Bologna for over 30 years. I am a Publisher and Lecturer in various Departments of the Veterinary Faculty, as an expert in Zoognostics and Dog Psychology.

I have been raising boxers since 1973, and produced Champions of Morphology and Work. I have been teaching Cane Corso Italiano since 1998, and I have produced Italian, European, international and world champions. The name of my breeding recognized by the ENCI and the FCI is "of the Kings of Rome". I was President of the SACC specialized company that protects the Cane Corso Italiano.

Since 1985 I have been an expert working judge for all defense and utility breeds, for rescue dogs, agility and obedience for ENCI and FCI, and since 1993 expert judge of morphology at Expo for the races of the 2nd group: Boxer , Cane Corso Italiano, English Bulldog, Neapolitan Mastiff, Dogo Argentino, Rottweiler, Alani, Dobermann, and all the Schnauzer, Riesenschnauzer, Zwergschnauzer, and Cane di San Bernardo.

I am an Expert Judge Trainer for the Defense and Utility races, and of Morphology for the Boxer and Cane Corso Italian breeds, and Selection Judge of morphology and character for the Boxer and the Italian Cane Corso.

I am author of all-round dog-related articles in many specialized journals and speaker in conferences and seminars on issues related to breeding and morphological and character evaluation throughout the world. In 2017 I judged 109 dogs in the course, boxer and other races, with a conference for judges and breeders, in Spain Alani championship, in Brazil Championship dog course and seminar for Breeders and Judges, in Israel 111 dogs course, with seminar for judges and breeders, in Russia in Moscow, in France, in Italy, etc ...

I have judged worldwide, international, European and world championships, in Italy, in USA, Russia, Peru, Indonesia, France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Serbia, Greece, Holland, Finland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Croatia, Belgium, etc.