On behalf of the Canine Association of Nova Scotia (CANS), you are invited to participate in our upcoming shows that boast of ALWAYS FREE ADMISSION. 

What sets our shows apart from other canine competitions in the region? Since 2009, a handful of pioneers, dog show enthusiasts and dedicated workers have come together to provide the dog community and interested general public a chance to be introduced to many unique breeds, such as the Coton du Tulear (left),  rarely seen outside the European show venues. Under the CANS system, each exhibit receives a written critique from International judges who are established as experienced and expert in their field and have judged around the world.
Although there are two shows each day which makes exhibiting a little hectic, the atmosphere in the CANS shows is more relaxed and, unless being groomed to go into the ring, dogs and their owners have time to say hello.  We invite wonderful children with their conscientious parents in tow to visit our shows and meet some amazing dogs and their proud people.  Watch, listen and learn and you may just have come in contact with your new best friend.
Some things to remember at the shows:  All the dogs attending have been entered in the shows and these are competitions.  Ask the person at the admissions desk for a judging schedule so you can see when the breed(s) that you have interest in and being shown and wait until it is a good time to say your hellos.
Ask before you attempt to pat a dog.  You are a stranger and dog shows are a very different atmosphere making animals and humans nervous or excited.  If a dog is groomed to go into the ring, you wouldn't want to ruin your favourite dog'a chance to win. 
Sometimes it appears that folks aren't being friendly but if you are readying to go into the ring to be judged, focus is on that time slot.  So be patient and if you are wise, pick up a Judging Schedule at the Show Secretary's table.  This way, you can have a list of the breeds and exhibitors before you begin your trip around the show. 
Often there will be brochures or other materials on the dogs that are of interest to you, don't be shy to ask.  Perhaps pick up a kennel card and you can make contact outside the shows.
Visit our vendors and take away some interesting products for you, your home or your wonderful animal friends.
Enjoy yourselves at our shows and tell your friends that you've been able to visit a little bit of the International Dog Show world, with a 'Down East' flavour!